For the Latte Lover: Organic Classic Matcha + Modern Matcha Whisk

By: Amoda Tea (Reviews)

You've seen those frothy green lattes on your Instagram feed, right? Now, you can make them at home with this modern matcha gift set! This set includes our Organic Classic Matcha and an electric frother. It's easy to whisk your matcha and froth your milk with the electric frother. Our Organic Classic Matcha is shade-grown and made from young leaves harvested in early Spring. Although Classic Grade is best for blending, you can enjoy this straight as a hot or iced tea. Organically grown in China. Independently tested for impurities and heavy metals. No radiation. For more ways to enjoy your matcha, visit our Guide to Matcha.

* glass is not included in the set

110g | 4oz | 55 tsp  
One serving is 1 tsp.

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