Brain Bundle

By: Amoda Tea (Reviews)

A morning and evening ritual for focus and cognition support. Take care of your best asset, your brain.

How to become a brainiac = 
add in nootropic, brain supporting, herbs (Brainiac Chai) + 
get a deep and restful sleep (Golden Hour)

Enjoy Brainiac Chai mixed into your morning cup of matcha, tea or coffee to get you super focused without any additional caffeine or enjoy it on its own mixed with hot water. Get ready to own that big project, get your study on and tackle those looming deadlines. Handle tasks with fluidity and lean into creative flow.

End your day with pure relaxation in a cup. The Golden Hour is the magical moments before the sun sets. Just like that magical time, our Golden Hour blend couldn’t be more calming. Let this sweet and spicy turmeric latte mix help you unwind from your day. With meaningful amounts of reishi mushroom and ashwagandha, the stressors of your day will just melt away, calming your mind and preparing you for a deep and restful sleep.

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  • On-the-go, travelling or at work.
  • Studying, working, or any activity that requires focus for long periods of time.
  • Times when your thoughts aren't clear and concise, you're fatigued and forgetful.
  • When you want an energy boost without caffeine!
  • On-the-go, travelling or at work.
  • Winding down from a stressful day.
  • Clearing the mind.
  • Relaxing the body.
  • Promoting deep and restful sleep.
  • Calming nerves for anxious types.

Whisk or blend one sachet of Brainiac Chai with oat or nut milk, hot water, matcha, coffee or tea. Mix one sachet of Golden hour with your oat or nut milk.


Brainiac Chai
All organic ingredients: coconut milk powder (contains tapioca maltodextrin 2.5%, acacia fibre 0.5%), micronized lions mane, rhodiola rosea extract, mucuna pruriens extract (min. 15%), bacopa monnieri extract (>50% bacopasides), true cinnamon powder, ginger powder, clove powder, cardamom powder, allspice powder, nutmeg powder.

10 sachets per box (5.6 g per sachet)
750 mg of lions mane mushroom per sachet 

Golden Hour
All organic: turmeric powder (min. 5-6% curcumin), fennel powder, micronized reishi, ashwagandha powder, true cinnamon powder, ginger powder, anise seed powder, black pepper, monk fruit extract.

10 sachets per box (2.8g per sachet)
Contains 650mg of high potency turmeric, 500mg of micronized reishi and 400mg of ashwagandha per sachet



Lions Mane mushroom

Lions mane is known for its brain-supporting benefits like improving memory and reasoning, increasing focus, improving nerve communication and regeneration in the brain.


Rhodiola is a perennial flowering plant. It is an adaptogen, helping maintain balance when faced with external stressors. Rhodiola supports mental work capacity under stress and boost energy levels.

Mucuna Pruriens

Mucuna Pruriens is a legume that grows in the tropics. It contains L-dopa, a precursor to dopamine, which is important for motivation, memory, mood and calming the nervous system. 

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa is a plant native to India and is used traditionally in Ayurvedic medicine to promote memory, cognitive function and stress support. 

Turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory benefits and positive effect on gut health. The digestive benefits are due to the curcumin and the volatile oils found in the root. This can help to reduce bloating and gas that disrupt a relaxed state.


Also known as the Queen of mushrooms, The 10,000 year mushroom and the Tree of Life mushroom. If those names don't say enough, reishi is also a nervine and adaptogen, meaning, it restores the nervous system and helps you chill out, feel emotional balance and helps you adapt to stressors.


Ashwagandha is an adaptogen with a calming nature. It restores strength and vitality and promotes deep and restful sleep.

Brainiac Chai Matcha Elixir

1 teaspoon Ceremonial Matcha (optional)
1 Brainiac Chai sachet
2 teaspoons coconut butter
1 - 2 teaspoons mct oil
10 oz of hot water or hot milk
Blend on high for 30 seconds

Golden Hour Elixir

1 Golden Hour sachet
2 teaspoons coconut manna/butter or oil
8-10oz of hot water or hot nut milk
Blend on high for 20 seconds

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