Anti-inflammatory Herbal Chai

By: Niuka Tea (Reviews)

Company: Niuka Tea

How We See It:

A delicious, healthy and caffeine free chai with nutty roasted flavours, floral and licorice sweetness and rich spices of ginger and turmeric.This is a great example of amazing taste mixed with incredible function. The herbs in this help reduce inflammation throughout the body. Try this as a hot or iced latte! Steep for 15 minutes in a small amount of water. Pour over ice and add cold almond milk.

What's In It: 
All organic: Roasted dandelion root, cardamom, eleuthero, licorice, wild yam, roasted oolong twig, black pepper, cinnamon bark, ginger root, meadowsweet blossom, star anise, turmeric powder.

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