What are Amoda wellness teas?

Amoda Wellness Teas are blended to help boost your overall health and well-being, naturally. Each tea is based on Chinese Medicine principles and blended for modern tastes and lifestyles (meaning, they taste great!). Amoda sources the highest quality herbs, teas and spices and works closely with Chinese Medicine practitioners to formulate these blends to optimize your body’s natural functions.

Health Benefits


Just as nature intended


No flavouring, fillers or sweeteners

Ancient Remedies

Plant-based remedies based on Chinese Medicine Principles

Trusted blends

Formulated with Chinese Medicine Doctors

Naturally Nourish with our TCM Kits

We've combined our Herbal Wellness Teas into kits to help you optimize your body, mind and lifestyle in 4 different areas. These Chinese Medicine-based teas will help you make positive lifestyle changes and incorporate natural herbs and teas into your daily routine. Restore tea is the basis of each kit. It is a detoxifier and gentle cleansing tea that stimulates liver energy to release toxins, reduce inflammation and support healthy weight management. No laxatives.