A 2 week guided journey to help you decrease your caffeine dependency & increase your energy levels.

Have you ever been curious to see how you'd cope with less caffeine? Worried you're too dependent on coffee? Perhaps you've considered cutting caffeine altogether but can't imagine how you'll function!?

We’re here to help.

Join our two-week Caffeine Reset Challenge, starting on April 18!


A PDF guide that leads you through your first 2 weeks of cutting caffeine

Additional guides where you'll learn:

  • Invaluable insights into how caffeine impacts your body and mind​
  • How to manage caffeine withdrawal and avoid headaches & fatigue
  • The best alternatives to coffee
  • Tips for creating healthier caffeine routines and coffee habits
  • Discounted bundles of low caffeine and no caffeine products
  • Energizing recipes
  • A daily tracker to gather insights into your caffeine journey

This is a chance to cut down on caffeine using a timeline that is flexible to YOUR needs and current level of caffeine consumption.

You will also be added to our Close Friends group on Instagram for more daily caffeine hacks and insights.

Plus you'll be entered to win our Caffeine Challenge Giveaway - a Matcha Starter Kit worth over $100! 

Join the challenge through the Inner Villij App to get extra exclusive perks:

- Answers to your burning questions
- Daily coffee breaks with Tegan and the Amoda team
- A community to talk with and share tips and support
- 15% off code to shop sitewide at Amodatea.com
- Bonus entries to the Challenge Giveaway

What's the Inner Villij?

The Villij is an affordable, culturally-adapted digital wellness community for women of colour to connect and nurture their wellbeing.