Organic Coconut Butter

By: Amoda (Reviews)

If you’ve never tried coconut butter before, this is about to change your life! Coconut butter has an amazing coconut flavour, a natural sweetness and silky smooth texture. It can be blended into lattes, elixirs and smoothies, used as a spread, used in baking, and much more. Our raw creamed coconut, a.k.a coconut butter, is both organic and fair-trade. It is made from grinding premium coconut flesh into a smooth paste. It is high in fiber and will help keep you feeling full and satisfied. Coconut butter is a source of healthy fat, including the medium chain fatty acid lauric acid, which breaks down fast for use as energy in the body. 

Coconut butter is not the same as coconut oil. Coconut butter includes the meat of the coconut, coconut oil does not. Coconut oil is used more for cooking, whereas coconut butter is used more as a spread or baking ingredient. 

Coconut butter solidifies in cool temperatures, but will spread easily if heated up above 22ºC. If natural oil separation occurs, run the jar under hot water or sit the jar in a hot water bath and stir to combine.

Ways to use coconut butter:

Our favourite way to use coconut butter is blended into lattes and elixirs. Blend into smoothies for extra creaminess. Use as a spread on toast or baked goods. Ice your cupcakes with it. Stir into oatmeal. Use in place of nut butters in baking. Melt onto baked sweet potatoes. The options are endless!

Keto friendly, vegan, dairy-free.
No fillers, sugar, sweeteners or flavourings.
Country of origin: Sri Lanka
Ingredients: Organic raw coconut butter

Net weight: 375g

packaged in a facility that handles nuts

Tags: Organic, Plantry

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