Renew Cleansing Kit - Herbal Tea, Matcha Shake & Latte

By: Amoda Tea (Reviews)

Spring is a time of renewal and growth and the perfect time to cleanse. We're here to help. We've chosen organic herbs that target the detoxifying organs of your body to support your natural ability to eliminate toxins. When your organs are overwhelmed and are not efficiently eliminating toxins, you can start to feel sluggish, heavy, foggy in the brain and notice skin irritations, bloating and other digestive disturbances. Sound familiar?  These plant-based products are easily incorporated into your daily routine. The Activate Matcha Blend works in your morning latte or smoothie and the Cleanse Tea is a twice daily delicious cup of herbal tea. We even provide you the disposable tea filters and a tea spoon (optional), so you can make the tea anywhere. Like the rest of our Wellness Teas, this kit has been created with a Chinese Medicine practitioner and incorporates ancient principles.

Cleanse tea is a nourishing, restorative tonic that helps to renew your body from the inside.  A detoxifying blend of organic herbs that work together to gently remove toxins while restoring your body’s ability to properly absorb nutrients - an essential combo! Feel more energetic, achieve clear glowing skin, improve metabolism and strengthen overall health. This is not a quick fix, laxative-based tea. This is a gentle restorative tea with red clover, chamomile, dandelion root, marshmallow root, ginger, nettle, goji berries and liquorice. (45 servings using 2 tsp/serving)

Activate Matcha Blend is a rejuvenating powder blend of matcha, maca, eleuthero (siberian ginseng), green tea pollen, spirulina and vanilla that will keep you grounded while boosting your energy and focus. It’s the perfect alternative to coffee to support your liver during seasonal shifts or anytime of year. It activates your metabolism while gently cleansing and nourishing from the inside. The taste is matcha forward with creamy and sweet layers. What you’re getting is the calm energy of matcha, the increased mental clarity and stress supporting power of eleuthero, fatigue-fighting benefits of maca, the deep nutrition and anti-aging benefits of green tea pollen, the detoxifying and nourishment of spirulina and the grounding pleasant taste of vanilla. (25 servings using 1 tsp/serving)
We recommend incorporating two cups of Cleanse tea and one Activate Matcha latte or smoothie into your daily routine for six weeks. This kit gives you a 3 week supply.  
To make the most of your cleanse, you'll also receive a PDF with helpful hacks, tips, diet suggestions and a detoxifying smoothie recipe for the Activate blend. 

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