Holiday Tea Box

Holiday Tea Box

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Gift this years holiday teas in our holiday sampler box. All 7 teas are inspired by festive flavours and treats! The teas are all-natural, vegan with no added sugar. Grab one for yourself or gift it to a tea loving friend!

Each tea sampler pouch contains 4 cups worth of tea (28 cups of tea total in the box). These are the teas featured in the December Monthly Tea Box. With this box you receive all 7 of the new teas in our Amoda envelope box. 

Created by our featured maker for December, Thesaurus Tea.


The Longest Night - mulled wine earl grey

Black tea is enveloped with citrus earl grey essences and mulled wine spices. The dark amber infusion is robust, warm and inviting with a bit of zest

Ingredients:Black tea, apple pieces, calendula, cornflower and sunflower petals, cinnamon, orange pieces, lime leaves, blackberry leaves, cloves, natural flavours

Holiday Breakfast

A full-bodied black tea is balanced by a light, creamy oolong tea and vanilla. The gently sweet infusion has a touch of natural maple flavour to make it the perfect breakfast treat for the holidays.

Ingredients: Black tea, milk oolong tea, calendula petals, jasmine, sunflower petals, natural organic vanilla flavour, natural organic maple flavour

Small Miracles - Raspberry Truffle

Smooth black tea sprinkled with real raspberry, cherry and cranberry pieces. A fragrant trifecta with a juicy and slightly tart profile. Add the delectable dark chocolate to the fruity berry notes and this tea is impossible to resist.

Ingredients: Black tea, carob pieces, raspberry, calendula petals, sunflower petals, rose petals, blackberry leaves, cherry fruit and stems, cranberry, safflower, natural organic flavours

Dark Chocolate Pomander

Pomander balls are oranges studded with whole cloves. They are used around the holidays to release a lovely fragrance. For a unique spin on this tradition, this green tea blend has bright citrus and warm clove flavours with roasted chocolate undertones. A must-have for chocolate orange lovers

Ingredients: Hojicha green tea, gynostemma, carob pieces, orange peels, cloves

Marzipan Cookies

A dreamy caffeine-free dessert tea. Woodsy, rich and nutty with a freshly baked sweetness and dried fruit pieces, this almond cookie blend will win your heart.

Ingredients: Red rooibos, papaya, pear, almonds, cinnamon, cloves, natural organic flavours
**Allergen: contains almonds

Winter Forest

Take a stroll through the most wonderful winter scene with each sip of this green rooibos tea blend. The yellow infusion opens with brisk and zesty lemon notes followed by subtle pine flavour, reminiscent of evergreen trees. That crisp, fresh taste lingers like a winter breeze

Ingredients: Green rooibos, cedar leaves, rosemary, lemon, peppermint

Wintergreen Soldier

Like a frosty morning, this blend is cooling with invigorating wintergreen and peppermint leaves. The gunpowder green tea offers oaky undertones and the apple pieces provide a delicate hint of sweetness in the finish. Sip away the cold weather!

Ingredients: Green tea, apple pieces, wintergreen leaves, peppermint leaves

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Corinne Midgett

Holiday Tea Box

Amy Lundquist
Nice holiday collection

I enjoyed most teas tried. It was nice to try tea from a new company and to get such a variety. Would purchase again!

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