Amoda Herbal Wellness Mini Set

By: Amoda Tea (Reviews)

Amoda Herbal Wellness Teas are delicious, nourishing organic herbal remedies. Custom blended with ancient herbs and ancient principles for modern tastes and lifestyles. You'll be surprised at how delicious these good-for-you teas are!  They work gently, but effectively, to nourish your body and lift your mood naturally.

The Golden Turmeric Ginger can be whisked into hot water or milk, added to smoothies, baked goods and raw treats. The other four teas are whole herbs and can steep in boiling water. 

Each pouch is 20g/.71oz of goodness. Sleep is 15g.

Cleanse Tea
A nourishing, restorative tonic that helps to renew your body from the inside. A detoxifying blend of organic herbs that work together to gently remove toxins while restoring your body’s ability to properly absorb nutrients - an essential combo!

All Organic Ingredients: dandelion root, red clover blossoms, goji berries, nettle, ginger, marshmallow, chamomile flowers, licorice root.

Digest Tea
Rich and warming blend of herbs, roots and spices formulated to help relieve bloating, indigestion and other digestive ailments. 

All Organic Ingredients: raw cacao nibs, ginger, roasted dandelion root, fennel, peppermint, anise seed, alfalfa, orange peel, cinnamon chips, cramp bark. 

Remedy Tea

Warms the body, promotes circulation and kills viruses and germs. Feel comforted and get better faster!

All Organic Ingredients: ginger, cinnamon, elderberries, peppermint, rosemary, lemongrass, peppercorns, star anise.

Sleep Tea
Promotes relaxation and a deep and restful sleep. It soothes the mind, relaxes and harmonizes and reduces anxiety. 

All Organic Ingredients: passionflower, valerian root, chamomile, lavender, lemon balm.

Golden Turmeric Ginger Tea Powder

A potent and warming anti-inflammatory blend of spices that helps with muscle recovery, digestion, immune support and reducing inflammation throughout the body. This blend is packed with antioxidants, helps lift your mood and your energy levels.

All Organic Ingredients: turmeric powder, fennel powder, true cinnamon powder, ginger powder, anise seed powder, raw vanilla powder, black pepper powder.

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