Mango Oasis | Adaptogen Iced Matcha

By: Amoda Tea

120g | 4.23oz | 14-18 servings per pouch  
Serving size: 1 tbsp

Mango Oasis is a refreshing and flavourful iced matcha mix to enhance your water. We started with matcha, cordyceps, and rhodiola to give you more energy, endurance, and focus even on stressful days. We blended that with coconut water for hydration and real mango for a taste of tropical paradise. Mango Oasis is free from added sugar and artificial flavouring or colour. 

Benefit breakdown:

  1. energy & focus
  2. daily hydration
  3. defence against stress

More on the active ingredients:
Cordyceps mushroom and rhodiola root work synergistically to give you a boost, increase your energy stores and provide a more steady flow of energy throughout your day. As adaptogens, cordyceps and rhodiola also modulate the stress response, restoring balance to our physiological processes, enhancing mental capacity, cognitive function and physical performance under stress or long work hours.

The hydration benefits of this blend come from coconut water, which contains electrolytes including sodium, potassium and magnesium. Sip for daily hydration, after a workout or while you’re basking in the sun.

Mango Oasis is easy to prepare in cold water. Use 

1 tablespoon of Mango Matcha and 6-8 oz water.  Whisk the powder in a cup with 2oz of cold water or shake in a mason jar or shaker cup with ice and 2oz of cold water. Top up with cold water and more ice to your desired strength. Note that matcha powder is not fully water soluble, so whisking or shaking with ice is needed to ensure no clumps! 

Ingredients: Coconut water powder (non-GMO tapioca maltodextrin)*, mango juice powder, matcha*, cordyceps extract*, monk fruit juice extract*, natural flavouring*, rhodiola 10:1 extract*. *organic

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
A matcha made in oasis heaven

Sooo refreshing and energizing! This blend really brings out both the mango and matcha flavours without overpowering one another. The matcha is not bitter and the mango is the perfect amount of sweetness making this such a good pairing.

I'm a big fan of coconut water and really enjoyed the benefits of extra hydration.

This drink gives summer vibes but you bet I'll be drinking this all year long.

Colleen Lintott
So Yummy!

I’ve never been a big fan of matcha but wanted to try this because I love mango.I made this both with iced water and coconut water and it’s so good both ways!

Sandy Kwan
Love it

Mango Oasis is so tasty, super easy to make, and has such a smooth taste. The mango and matcha combination has the perfect balance of sweetness as well as the boost of energy.