Immunity Bundle

By: Amoda Tea

We've bundled our three favourites for immune system support during cold and flu season. Use these blends for prevention and to help you feel better faster if you're already sick. Bonus: Save $6 when you bundle all three.

Matcha Spirit 
Matcha Spirit is your daily defense against the pressures of life on the mind and body. Feel invigorated, focused and balanced. With the powerful adaptogens schizandra berry, chaga and reishi, you'll be supporting your immune system, protecting your mind and body from the nasty effects of stress and feeling nourished every day. Contains caffeine.
Matcha Spirit is a turmeric blend with a matcha energy boost. It is lightly savoury, spicy with a refreshing tangy finish. Try this as a latte, shaken with juice or swirled into ginger kombucha. Great in post-workout smoothies or as a daily wellness shot.
All Organic Ingredients: turmeric powder, matcha, schizandra berry powder, micronized chaga, micronized reishi, black pepper. 


Remedy Tea
Remedy tea is for cold and flu relief at any time of year. Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles, this tea blend warms the body, promotes circulation and kills viruses and germs. Chinese Medicine calls for the warming of the body to open the respiratory tract and release the virus- and bacteria-causing pathogens. Caffeine free.

A long steep of 8+ minutes will bring out full flavour and health benefits. If you're looking for the most function out of this tea, you can bring it to a boil on the stove and simmer for 10-15 minutes. The flavour will be strong, but so will the benefits!

All Organic Ingredients: ginger, cinnamon, elderberries, peppermint, rosemary, lemongrass, peppercorns, star anise.


Golden Hour

The Golden Hour is the magical moments before the sun sets. Just like that magical time, our Golden Hour blend couldn’t be more calming. Let this super smooth turmeric latte mix help you unwind from your day and help you build resilience. With 500mg of reishi mushroom and 500mg of ashwagandha, the stressors of your day will melt away, calming your mind and preparing you for a deep and restful sleep.

10 sachets per box. Each sachet makes a 12 oz latte.

All Organic Ingredients: turmeric powder (min. 5-6% curcumin), fennel powder, micronized reishi, ashwagandha powder, true cinnamon powder, ginger powder, anise seed powder, black pepper, monk fruit extract..

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interesting taste - nice choice for afternoon tea

Hard to gauge effect on immune system so soon