Organic Japanese Matcha (Classic Matcha) | For smoothies & lattes

By: Amoda Tea

35 servings 
Serving size: 1.0 tsp 


Enhance your energy and focus while calming your mind and fueling your body. Japanese Matcha (formerly called Classic Matcha) is pure, organic matcha from shade-grown tea leaves carefully picked to ensure maximum nutrients. Creamy and full-bodied with vegetal notes and mellow umami, these bold flavours make our Japanese Matcha a favourite of pastry chefs and baristas, and ideal for lattes, smoothies and culinary creations.

We source our matcha directly from our partners in Uji, Japan. We travel to Japan to meet the farmers and producers of our matcha. The tea leaves are organically grown in Kagoshima, Kyushu, Japan. Tested for impurities and  radiation. 

Ingredients: organic matcha green tea powder

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Jenna Sparks
Matcha Latte

I absolutely love the matcha with Water, Almond/Cashew milk & Maple Syrup - so, so yummy.

Chantal Poirier
Best Matcha

My boyfriend and I love this matcha. It has great balance and is delicious with oat mylk.

Matcha experience

Best matcha from the best shop. Totally happy.

Sue Herbert Hargreaves
Organic Japanese Matcha (Classic Matcha)

I love putting this matcha in my green smoothie in the morning and if I feel like it I can also have it in an afternoon latte! Mixes so easily and tastes great.

Marianne Ketchen
Japanese Matcha! 🍵

I have been drinking this perfect matcha each morning, for years now. It is the smoothest, creamiest green tea I have ever enjoyed. I also order it by the pound and have it shipped to Vancouver Island, where I now live. I love the customer service and their attention to every detail too. Thanks Tegan!