Breakfast Tea Bundle

By: Amoda (Reviews)

Nothing says good morning quite like a rich breakfast black tea with a little bit of milk. This bundle features an Earl Grey Vanilla Chai and a rich French Breakfast blend. Earl grey vanilla chai is definitely a mouthful, but the flavours work perfectly together in this blend. Also, you save 10% with this bundle!

Kimpossibly Awesome Earl Grey Vanilla Chai - 50g pouch/20 teaspoons
A unique blend of a strong black tea with creamy, citrus notes of bergamot, warm vanilla and chai spices. Simply amazing with milk!

French Breakfast - 50g pouch/20 teaspoons
Jumpstart your day with this breakfast tea! Bright, creamy and full-bodied breakfast blends with a rich lingering vanilla flavour. French Breakfast is made with a blend of Chinese black teas -- Dian Hong and Ancient Yunnan Broken Pekoe. 

12oz Cream Terrazo Ceramic Porter Mug 
A cute and stylish mug made with an interior ceramic mug wrapped with a protective silicone sleeve that's soft on the hands to prevent scratches and spills. (This is a non-insulating mug. Drinks will cool at a regular pace.)

Perfect Cup of Tea spoon
Scoop the perfect amount of tea, every time. You'll love this little tea tool. Once you use it, you'll be wondering how you lived without it.

Optional additions:

Biodegradable tea filters - 50 filters - $8 (save $2)
1-2 cup size single-use filters. Unique angled design makes it easy to open and fill. Filters are 100% natural unbleached paper and 100% biodegradable. Made in Canada from sustainably harvested Canadian and American wood pulp.

You'll love this too!