London Fog Adaptogen Tea Latte

By: Amoda

Grounding earl grey tea latte with lions mane and ashwagandha

Our London Fog is a deliciously creamy, vanilla earl grey tea latte made with premium Indian black tea, coconut milk powder, sweet vanilla and bright bergamot.  This blend helps you find a sense of presence, feel grounded and get focused anytime, especially during times of stress.

  • Feel more grounded and calm, even on the most stressful of days. 
  • Get into a relaxed state of flow while at school, work or WFH.
  • Boost your energy, concentration, and memory.

  • We’ve added adaptogenic ashwagandha for its ability to ease stress and mental exhaustion, to ground you and for its general restorative nature. We’ve added Lion’s Mane to help to get you focused, improve concentration and memory and enhance energy. Restore your overall wellbeing and rejuvenate the mind. Pure comfort with every sip.

    Stir into hot water for an earl grey milk tea, or mix with foamed milk for an extra creamy latte. Sweeten to give the bergamot and vanilla extra pop. 

    Ingredients: Coconut milk powder (contains tapioca maltodextrin)*, black tea extract*, lion’s mane extract*, ashwagandha powder*, carob powder*, natural vanilla and bergamot flavour*.  *organic

    High caffeine

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    Customer Reviews

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    Kyle Pressacco
    London Fog

    Love the flavours of this London fog tea, part of my morning routine along with their amazing matcha.
    I have an Amoda latter everyday to start my day!!

    I need a top up!

    Omg I love this! I've never been a huge fan of Earl Grey teas but I feel like I need a top up after each cup of this.

    The first time I made this was with hot water and I was blown away at the flavour bomb of vanilla and bergamot with a mild Earl Grey taste.

    Recently I made it with hot oat milk and it transformed to a super creamy, similar to your traditional, London Fog but with the added health benefits from ashwagandha and lion's mane.

    My preferred method of drinking this London Fog is just with hot water - it's so quick, so good, and perfect balance of flavour and sweetness.

    Definitely topping up soon!

    Sarah M.

    I'm loving this blend. The earl grey flavour is very natural, not overpowering so you can still taste the black tea. I've mostly been drinking this with hot water and love how easy it is. You can't taste the lions mane mushroom, but I definitely feel more focus from it. Recommend!

    Great alternative for an afternoon treat

    Made a mug with unsweetened cashew milk and a top up of hot water and a tiny dash of brown sugar.
    Not a super strong London fog taste like you'd get with a syrup... and that's ok! I was worried it would be too sweet or cloying, but this is a nice middle ground without it tasting too earthy.
    Made a big mug and had it this afternoon while working. I honestly enjoyed it more "stretched out" with hot water for something to sip on over an hour than the full strength with only nut milk. A great alternative instead of making another coffee to get through a long afternoon of work.