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A tea blogger friend of ours, Jen Picotti, recently shared her thoughts on exploring new teas. She said, "Try different things and then enjoy what you like."* Sounds pretty simple, right? Sometimes we can be led astray on our tea journey, so we've written up this post as a guide. If you've tried the teas in our February tea box, we'd like to help you find the next tea you'll love. Find the February tea below that you loved and discover a new tea you might like to try.  

Loved the Hazelnut Pear green tea?

What you liked about it:
How the tea looks:
Why we chose it:
You liked the rich, roasted and/or smokiness of the green tea.                  
Great! Then you might like Berber: 
Berber green tea
Same type/style of green tea, but blended with premium mint.        
Explore Berber >>

Loved Serene herbal tea? 

You want more of that calming effect.                
Orange Blossom Chamomile will do the trick!      
Also caffeine free, this is a sweet, citrus & floral nighttime tea.
Explore this tea >>
You liked that it was a functional wellness blend.           
Perfect! We have just the tea: Detox Tea.    
A great tasting tea designed to support your body's natural detoxing. 
Explore Detox Tea >> 


Loved the Keemun black tea?

Breakfast teas for the win! For you, caffeine is a must.          
The best tea to kickstart your day is  Sock it To Me.
A bold blend of organic black teas. Perfect with milk.
Explore this tea >>
You want to explore the world of pure black teas.
Ooh so many options, but go with Honey Scented black.
Luxurious, light, floral and honeyed. Explore Honey Scented >>


You must have loved the Lavender Cream Earl Grey!


You want to try variations of the classic earl grey.
How about Duchess First Love -  a rooibos & black  tea blend? 
Hazelnut caramel "earl grey".                      
One of our best selling teas. 
Explore Duchess First Love >>                                     
You love creamy black teas.
You must try Heavenly Cream!
Velvety vanilla and cream. Need we say more? Explore Heavenly Cream >>


We hope these help you explore further! Would you like further recommendations? Comment below.


*Interview with Jen Picotti via 

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