6 New Teas to enjoy into the New Year

December’s teas are about celebrating the best time of year. It’s the end of 2018, and there’s so much to celebrate. Amoda Monthly Tea Box subscribers, in particular, have been... Read more →

[SPOILERS] Sneak Peek: The December Monthly Box

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New Tea Reveal

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How to prevent tea from going bitter

With proper storage, temperature settings, and timed steeping, you can prevent bitterness in tea. It’s an affliction that many tea lovers suffer through. Often not even milk and sugar are... Read more →

Autumn’s here with teas to cozy up with

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What is healthier: green tea or black tea?

Today, we are going to bust some myths. It may surprise you to learn that both black tea and green tea are from the same plant. Actually, all teas not... Read more →

The Differences between Chinese and Japanese Green Tea

Tea has been grown in China and Japan for hundreds of years. In both countries, green tea is the most popular variety of tea consumed. But while both Chinese and... Read more →

How to Make Your Own Tea Blends

Here’s how to start making your own amazing tea blends Tea has an impressive diversity of natural flavours. For example, green tea is often delicate and sweet while black tea... Read more →

What is Rooibos?

At cafes and tea shops around the world, something new and unique has arrived on the menu. Rooibos has recently surged in popularity and is one of the most popular... Read more →

Making Iced Tea From Loose Leaf

If you haven’t jumped on the homemade iced tea train yet, now’s the time! Having a favourite iced tea method in your back pocket will pay off all year long.... Read more →

The Power of Plants Issue 1: The Tea Plant

Do you ever find that your appreciation for something or someone increases after learning more about their past, their history, their unique characteristics, their strengths, their weaknesses? That’s our goal... Read more →

Bonus info for our January Monthly teas

image: Terroir Tea Merchant Let's dig into the latest teas added to our curated online store. These are two artisan teas from our January monthly box. Now available in our... Read more →

The top 10 teas of 2016 we hope you didn't miss!

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May Teas - New to the Curated Collection

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What's Mate and Why Should I Be Drinking It?

What's Yerba Mate? Yerba Mate is one of the few plants on earth that produces caffeine. Tea, coffee, cacao and guarana being others. Mate is a very balanced brew, acting... Read more →

Beginner's Guide to Wuyi Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea Primer Oolongs are the most complicated teas to manufacture. Oolong teas are made from large tea leaves and the appearance (form, shape, colour) of finished oolong teas can... Read more →

Making Iced Tea From Loose Leaf

For those of you who are new to our tea box this month, here's a primer on making iced tea from loose leaves. There are so many teas that taste... Read more →