12 Days of Tea Sale!

Surprise! Buy 2 Get 1 Free Sale including all of Amoda’s Festive Favourites from the 12 Days of Tea!

Friends, are you feeling holly and jolly? If you’ve been tuning into Amoda’s social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you’ll have even more reason to be jolly. That’s because, over the past 12 days on social media, we’ve been sharing our 12 Festive Teas.

Last week, we upped the ante by announcing a giveaway contest, and that got so many of you excited. Of course, there can only be one winner. But today, we have another surprise for you!

From today until Sunday, December 16th, you can buy any two teas and get the third one free. No code needed! The sale includes all 12 of our festive teas - actually it includes all our leisure teas, herbal wellness teas and matcha!* To recap our 12 Days of Tea, they are:

  1. Red Cranberry:
    It's the perfect companion for Mandarin oranges. This tea is sweet, tart, and tangy. Caffeine free, it can be enjoyed at any time. Holiday Tea #5. If the holidays mean chocolate to you, we have just the tea.

  2. Khumbu:
    Nepal is a nation renowned for snowy mountain tops. It is, after all, the home of Mt. Everest. But did you know that Nepal grows some impressive teas? Khumbu is a tasty Nepali black tea that is malty and nutty with just a hint of tobacco. A great choice for those with a taste for adventure.

  3. White Cap Chai:
    Sweet and spicy. White tea is known for being delicate, but can more than hold its own with chai spice. Subtle, but with bite. This gentle brew will give you memorable winter moments.

  4. Golden Ginger Turmeric:
    This wellness tea is a wonderful anti-inflammatory blend. Yet, it also doubles as a great latte mix. If, to you, the holidays aren't the holidays without a spicy latte, consider this tea to be a healthy-but-opulent beverage that's bound to warm you up.

  5. Madagascar Dream:
    If the holidays mean chocolate to you, we have just the tea. This is a blend of Ceylon black tea, cacao shells, and mint. Not only does cacao give you that sweet chocolate taste, it is a true superfood packed with anti-oxidants. Creamy and delicious!

  6. Ruby Beach:
    This is for those who love iced tea even in chilly weather. Ruby Beach is an Assam black tea blend that tastes of cherry, lemon, and mint. The fruity taste is complemented by a brisk body that gives this blend deep dimensions. Can also be appreciated hot!

  7. Harvest Fresh:
    A harvest-inspired herbal melange with hints of spicy ginger. If it's too cold to visit your local farmer's market, stay in and enjoy this fresh blend. Avoid the chilly weather, and pamper yourself with warm sips.

  8. Remedy Cold & Flu Tea:
    'Tis the season to be jolly... but it's hard to be jolly when you have the seasonal sniffles. But don't frown too much. Our Remedy Cold & Flu Tea provides relief. Warms the body, promotes circulation and kills viruses and germs.

  9. Halifax Fog:
    An adventurous twist on Earl Grey that contains licorice root. The result is a full-bodied steep that's deliciously robust. If you like to go on chilly walks, this tea is an excellent companion.

  10. Brew of Ten:
    What better way to celebrate the holidays than with flavours of vanilla, cacao, and hazelnut? A wonderful tea to start your day.

  11. Chocolate Covered Strawberries:
    Utterly decadent. Blended with black tea and oolong, this tea is also infused with (as the name suggests) chocolate and strawberries. Juicy and sweet, this is a taste to savour for these nippy holidays. Let it linger with each sip.

  12. Classic Matcha:
    Not only is this shade grown matcha from Japan completely captivating, it is wonderful as a creamy latte. Or, if you're making a holiday treat, try Classic Matcha as an ingredient in shortbread cookies. Green is a festive holiday colour, and nothing is greener than matcha!

*Sale excludes all accessories, sets, kits and bundles.

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